The omnichannel platform for the furniture industry

The omnichannel platform for the furniture industry

We build tools to empower the digital transformation of furniture brands & retailers.



Furniture Brands and Retailers have very specific needs when it comes to digital. Find out more about the solutions we have built for you:

E-commerce Made Easy

E-commerce Made Easy

Create a successful online store on our platform and take advantage of powerful features specifically designed for selling furniture.

Custom Website

A beautiful, responsive website built with cutting-edge e-commerce technology.

Merchandising Tools

A user-friendly CMS to easily upload product catalogues and update product selections.

Payment gateway

Secure payments via Credit Card, PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Analytics Dashboard & Reporting

Detailed statistics to monitor and understand what happens on your site.


Scalable, cloud-based hosting entirely managed and monitored 24/7 by Furnichannel Team.

ERP Integration

  • Plugs into ERP system and seamlessly pass on orders for fulfilment.

  • Extracts products catalogue (including variations) directly from the systems.

Smart Product Configurator

When it comes to furniture, each product may come in literally 1000s of variations (colors, finishings, dimensions, etc.) and require thorough customization before purchase.

Furnichannel features a built-in configuration module that allows online shoppers to customize products in an intuitive fashion based on their tastes and needs.

Smart Product Configurator

Product variations

Supports over 50K variations for each single product.

Multi-step flow

Customers are guided step by step through an easy, intuitive flow where they can customize dozens of elements.

Real time preview

Product previews are automatically updated based on customers' selections.

Save Your Configuration

Configurations can be saved to customer's personal space and resumed at a later time.

Samples Quick order

Includes a quick order feature for samples or catalogues (i.e. fabric).

White-glove services

Customers can request special services (such as floor delivery, assembly, etc.) and get personalized quotes.

The customer comes first

Today 56% of furniture purchases is made online or influenced by web research.


look at products In-store and then buy online


buy directly online


buy directly in brick and mortar store


look at products In-store and then buy online

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3.5x more spend on average
more spend on average

Omnichannel clients buy more often and spend an average of 3.5x more.

2/3 of customers
of customers

made "multi-platform" purchases in the last 6 months.

Omnichannel funnels

Furnichannel helps you stay with your customers through every phase of their journey.

The typical furniture shopper bounces several times between the web and physical retailers to discover products, collect information (i.e. price comparison) and finalize purchases.

Drive traffic from your website to your stores

Furnichannel omnichannel

Make local stores' inventory available for online purchase

Discover online, Buy locally

After adding products to their wishlist, customers can get notifications when available at their local store.

Online customers can request professional services from local stores.

Discover locally, Buy online

Customers can add products to an online wishlist directly from retail locations.

Store personnel can interact with potential customers following their visit to the store through a dedicated online tool.

Geolocalized e-Shopping

Furnichannel provides an e-commerce experience consistent with local stores, which is essential to create positive synergies - and avoid unnecessary contrasts - between online and offline shopping.

Furnichannel has a number of innovative features to optimize the web shoppers' experience based on location.

Retail Stores

Zip Localization

Product selections, price lists and discounts can be set according to ZIP codes.

Outlet Mode

Outlet Module can be activated to sell online at a discount products on display at stores.

Online store

Fullfillment Optimization

Products purchased online can be picked up directly at stores or delivered by local dealers.

Make an appointment

Customers can check available time slots online and book appointments at local stores.

Catalog Integration

Furnichannel helps brand leverage all online channels including marketplaces and other multibrand furniture e-tailers providing an entry point to tap into these powerful distribution opportunities.

Product data, inventory and orders are managed directly via Furnichannel with no extra effort from the brand.

Supports over 50 channels between marketplaces and furniture e-tailers.

International reach extending to US, EU, Russia, China and the Middle East.

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Our 5-Step Approach


We help you optimize the product selection for each distribution channel.


We work with you on sales forecasts on a quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis.


We list your products and negotiate commercial terms with all the major international marketplaces.


We assess market opportunities and plan with you a quarterly activity plan.


We monitor trends and create detailed reports.

Specialized Support

In order to help brands and retailers succeed at their online strategies, Furnichannel offers a wide range of premium services performed by a unique team of furniture-savvy digital experts.

Store Management

SEO & Digital Marketing

Digital Training / courses / seminars

Customer Service

Design & Content

Omnichannel Traffic Building

Newsletter Management

Grow your business online.

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